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The Far Taker by kavinveldar The Far Taker by kavinveldar
Jawa Smuggler Het "The Jedi Jawa" Krex cobbled this beauty up from pieces of discarded ships on the planet Raxxus Prime. He named it the Far Taker because it would take him to places far and wide.

Original pieces by Captain Shade!
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Cheka-Gam Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, it's a cool design, but somehow I could not imagine a generator matching the ship this size able to handle (at least) 6 dual laser cannons... :D
Anyways, nice idea, I like it...
kavinveldar Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2008
True, I can see your point, but you are failing to take into account insane Jawa engineering, whose sheer 'belief' that it should work makes it work. Jawa's are known for removing those pesky things like "Safety regulators' and "Emergency Bypasses' because hey.. .they jawa-rig it.

Besides, hes only one Jawa... how many guns do you think he fires at a time?
Cheka-Gam Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't get me wrong, I like your design and I know you are a SW Insider...
It's just the few things:
1. It's not about the count of fire-able guns, it's 'bout the count of installed guns. Hey, some maybe are just fake to scare off pirates and such, huh?
2. Besides, if he has so many guns and he's alone, why would he need that amount of firepower? You know, making such small ship a laser-porcupine will scare off some, but others (especially big-scale pirates, like Drea Renthall etc.) could think: "Hey, if ship that small is equipped with so many lasers, it could be important, like, courier craft with some important data or somesuch!"
3. Yeah, Jawas couldn't care less about safety when it comes to suiting their needs in technology they use, but when I see intact small freighter with so many guns, I just think that this could mean two things:
a) The guns are fake
b) The guns weren't all fired yet, otherwise the ship will blow

Ya know, I shoudn't bother You. In the days when there are some Fans creating strange ships able to outrun the Millenium Falcon, destroy Star Destroyer with one shot, which are piloted by Corellian-Mandalorian-Jedi, who is able to use both Dark and Light Side of the Force and who is armed with Mando armour, turbolaser-powered twin blasters and two black-bladed lightsabers, the Jawa piloted small freighter with six gun placements is no big deal, really :P

Anyway, I send You big regards, You did great job!

P.S. Check my ships:
The Great Quantificator (and it's interior)
The Incident
kavinveldar Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008
True, I know what you mean about the fast ships, overgunned, and over-mando/Jedied ships. I just wanted a small ship that could carry someone into the galaxy for a Jawa. And yes. some of the guns dont work... could with the proper time and placement of additional power generators (At the cost of cargo space) and I see what you mean about Drea Renthall... My Jawa pilot would consider getting Drea's attention a bonus, seeing as how he would try to hire on her crew as a mechanic/technologist... and I love your designs by the way. The Quantificator and the Incident both kick ass!
Cheka-Gam Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, Mate, your ships too :]
I've been wondering if someone's using the same method as I for starship design... It's quite cool, yet people are sometimes mocking, huh...?

By the way, are You creating those ships for purpose like Fan Fiction or RPG, or just for simple fun? I'm quite fond of illustrating my FF (this means I don't like the readers to imagine my ships and other stuff by themselves :P), so that's my purpose. Sometimes my wonderful girlfriend is aiding me (I'm not the one to draw people w/o armor or sceneries :P)...
otamachamp Featured By Owner May 30, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Raxus, great idea! :D
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